Reasons Your Event Needs a Photo Booth

Book a photo booth for your next event, and see what benefits develop.

Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes and are very popular at all types of events PLUS they provide life time memories of your guests having fun at your event.

Photo Booth Props

Keep Guests Mingling

Having a photo booth at your event will give guests, who know each other and don’t know each other, a reason to start a conversation. It often happens that guests who are waiting in line to take a photo will get pulled into a photo booth shoot with other guests they don’t know. Let fun and networking begin!

Take the Photo Experience Online

A picture is worth a thousand words! Guests will want to share their silly and fun photos with others. We have technology to allow guests to email or text the photos to themselves then they’ll be able to share their photo on their social networks.


Branded Souvenirs

Giving your guests a branded souvenir is a nice way to thank them for joining your event. Each guest will receive a photo print on-site after they take their picture. In addition, you can showcase your photo in a branded photo frame.




The Fun Factor

There is more to a photo booth than entertainment value, but the fun is definitely s big factor. A photo booth will keep guest’s active and engaged – and hopefully, the experience will have them talking long after they’ve left the event.





Thinking Outside of the Box – A Standee of You Using Green Screen

I have been doing a lot of thinking of what we can do different for our clients and I came up with the idea of a digital Standee.  Ok, ok,  I’m sure that other photographers have done this but we haven’t.  Starting today, we will offer our clients to choose a background of their choice and I will add their favorite picture to the background and on the day of your event your guest will have choice to take a picture with you!   How awesome is that!

By having a digital Standee of you, all your guest will be able to take a picture with you and you won’t have to worry about your hair, make up and half smile.  It will be a perfect picture!  I’M LOVING THIS IDEA.

Below is Brianna, the birthday girl, is holding the big red flower and her guests are taking a picture with her even though she’s physically tearing up the dance floor with her friends!



Did some one say, Phantom of the Opera? Yes, they did and we got you covered! Thank you for choosing us to create photo memories for you and your guest! We are super excited to make this theme come alive!

WPPI Here We Come!!


We are going to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention and Expo in Las Vegas at the end of the month.  This is our first time going and we are really excited to attend as many of the events that we can.  Can’t wait to visit all the booths at the expo too.