1019 Photography combines two types of photography styles to our portrait sessions: 

Lifestyle and Classic Photography. 

Lifestyle Photography is where you get to play, hang out, and be yourself.  We capture the moments, real emotions and stories that occur during our time together.  We have fly on the wall approach capturing life as it happens trying not to interfere with what is going on during the session. We will tell the story of real life, as it happens, while trying to be as transparent as much as possible.

Classic Photography is controlled.  Where we shoot to get the best lighting, location; we might move furniture or items to get a better shooting environment or action.  Subjects could be posed.

John and I try to always stay true to life, by photographing situations that could have happened organically.  We will suggest a starting point and let the magic happen.  We will choose the best rooms/places  in a clients home or on location to control the light and get great looking pictures.

Your session can be taken indoor at a location of your choice or outdoors during what is known as “Sweet Light” which  is either sunrise or sunset. This is the best natural light to shoot in which produces vivid colors and helps highlight the subject of the portraits.

Booking now will give us the opportunity to discuss your photography session.  Payment is due after we discuss your photography session!
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